• Precooked Maize Flour Line and Rice Milling Line Delivery to Venezuela
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      10T/Hour maize precooked flour production line

      10T/Hour maize precooked flour production line and 50T/Day rice milling line are ready for delivery to Venezuela. It took 3 days to load 7 large containers. Thanks you all, especially the hard-working colleagues who struggled in the workshop and loading site. Thank you for your efforts!


      10T/Hour maize precooked flour production line process design and features:

      1. Process design: raw material grinding - raw material plus agitation - feeding - extrusion - cooling - grinding - (filling)
      2. Equipment configuration: Crusher - Mixer - Feeder - screw extruder - Hoist - Multi-layer cooling box -  Crusher - (Filling machine)

      The equipment configuration of 10T/Hour maize precooked flour production line: 
      1. Mixing powder machine: according to different production lines, different types of mixing powder machine are used.
      2. Feeder: it uses the motor as a power screw conveyor to ensure quick and easy loading.
      3. Extruder: according to different production lines, different types of TSE extruders are used. The output can range from 100kg/h to 600kg/h. Corn flour, wheat flour and rice flour can be used as raw materials to produce expanded particles.
      4. Hoist: the pellets are conveyed to the oven. The height of the hoist is determined according to the oven. Air blasters are also available.
      5. Multi-layer oven: oven is electric type. The temperature is adjusted between 0-200 degrees through the control cabinet. And baking time can be adjusted according to speed.
      6. Crusher: According to the requirements of nutritional powder, choose different crushers to crush.

      End-product Features: Highly puffed, uniform powder, good water-solubility, without any additives. 

      Rice Milling Line
      After many rounds of comparison, Venezuelan customers finally chose our company to design and build their 50T/Day rice milling line and 10T/Hour maize precooked flour production line. And Our design, manufacturing and service have also been highly recognized and evaluated by the customers!

      50T/Day rice milling line process design and features:

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